Luxury Holiday Service

When employers look for talent and longevity in new private staff members, beyond the usual curriculum vitae, what they really want are two important qualities:

  • the ability to understand and follow directions
  • total control of the area of responsibility

These factors are especially vital when servicing luxury travel holiday visitors.

Concierge service assists travelers with all the details that compose a luxury holiday. The qualities a VIP luxury holiday service seeks are the very qualities the holiday traveler wants to be provided for the ultimate relaxation and enjoyment.

The reputation of a concierge service depends on the quality of service it renders to clients. Original research and face-to-face interview are an essential first step. Original research will vary depending on the type of service; essentially it involves experiencing the service first hand.

Service type drives the selection process:

  • Restaurant and Drinks: The concierge will personally visit the restaurant or bar unannounced to experience the quality of food and drink served, the service and service personnel.
  • Villas: Selecting villas is a multi-faceted task. First, the concierge meets with the owner. From the business side the concierge demonstrates trustworthiness in the safekeeping of property through client selection. This illustrates the quality of clients and their respect for the owner’s property. Next, the concierge service reviews photos which must be produced professionally. Pricing is evaluated, including not only the property but any additional service included with the villa. The final review is a visit and inspection of the property itself because sometimes the photos can be misleading.
  • Yachts: The concierge service may start a yacht chartering investigation by visiting yacht fairs. These are a great opportunity to get into the yachts and meet the staff. A review of the yacht’s characteristics is very important: the speed, the number of cabins, fuel cost per mile. Once a particular yacht meets basic criteria, the next step is to develop a personal relationship with the owner, and, most importantly, the captain.
  • Events: If events are planned in a restaurant, the concierge tests every aspect before hiring: catering, bar service, DJ, flowers, pastry, decoration, location. Most importantly, the event details must meet the needs of the client in all aspects.
  • Helicopter: For helicopter transportation, personal contact with flight instructors helps to find the appropriate type and reliability of the many companies available. Not only the availability of service but the safety and comfort of clients are of utmost importance.
  • Babysitters, tutors, and bodyguards: The first evaluation is based on CV and referrals.
  • Transportation companies: I collaborate with just one big company that offers solutions for every demand. They possess all the different types of vehicles. I accompany the customers with the professional driver to see how they behave while on duty.
  • Licensed guides: The best guides for luxury travel have a vast experience with both the destination and the subject of the tour as well as a number of years working with people. Experienced guides are best suited to meet the needs of luxury travelers.

The selection process may vary from the type of service but the ability to follow directions and take responsibility for the services are crowning qualities of service providers. They are especially important when you are hired for a short term but expected to perform high-level service.

About Thanasis Mougios

Thanasis Mougios adores travelling and Greece. As founder of Kinglike, a travel design and personal concierge services company, he combines these passion to create the finest individualized travel experience for your holiday in Greece. Every aspect of your stay is devoted to your contentment, from booking the villa or yacht of your dreams to making arrangements for your greatest wish or your smallest caprice. Thanasis is a frequent traveler himself. He is an avid reader, he loves good food and collects Italian wine. During his free time he likes visiting new restaurants to find out what’s new in town. He is fluent in English, Russian, Italian and Greek. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the University of Bologna and a master’s degree from SDA Bocconi School of Management in Milan.

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