Jewellery Care For Professional Butlers

Jewellery needs the same delicate care-taking as watches. The same ‘system’ applies to receipts and paperwork, and also the same procedures during travel times. Everything must be taken into consideration in order to provide the best service for the principal or guest.

Jewellery will lose its beauty and value if it is not properly maintained. Over time, it will lose its shine, get scratched, bent and maybe get dented. With routine checks and touch-ups, you can prevent serious damage or loss of precious stones, gloss or colour.

In order to do counter any negative potentialities, the Butler should always make a schedule where proper jewellery maintenance is concerned. The butler must remember to take notes and have a systematic and periodic system in the household manual – The professional Butlers working bible.

Here are a list of butler tips and tricks to kick start a robust jewellery maintenance programme on behalf of your principal

. You’ll learn how you can help keep items in the best possible condition and ensure they last for a lifetime and coming generations:

• Jewellery should be stored in a dark and enclosed space; the best way is to use a jewellery box which has a secure lock.

• Never keep jewellery items together, they should be kept separate in boxes or inside little bags made of silk or fabric.

• Avoid heat and strong odours around jewellery.

• Jewellery should never be worn in baths, saunas, showers or during any fitness training.

• Wash jewellery on a regular basis. Use a soft cloth and/or a toothbrush. Use a drop of zalo soap, never use soap with perfume or a strong smell. Never use water if something is glued, then a damp cloth is the best solution.

• If the jewellery piece contains no gems, it is safe to clean while it is submerged and you can use hot water.

• Always bring jewellery to a jeweller if something feels loose or wobbly.

Cleaning Silver jewellery: Use soft, moist cloth with a tiny amount of soapy water, then buff it with a dry cloth. For best results use a silver polish product and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. You can also use clean ash or a soft white toothpaste.

• Gold does not require as much attention paid to it as silver does. Clean with a soft cloth with a drop of soap and hot, hot water.

• Stones: If not glued, gently use a toothbrush with hot water.

• If you feel unsure about cleaning, dampen the jewellery pieces and then place them on a soft cloth prior to a gentle wipe.

• All jewellery is different, treat them accordingly.

As with watches and other valuables. Remember to always have copies of original papers and receipts ready for your jewellery when on travel duties. On behalf of a principal or guest, it is important to note down everything in the packing list as well. Remember to always to report valuable items of jewellery to customs when crossing a border.

Chocolate gets eaten, Champagne disappears, and flowers die – But Your jewellery lasts forever…

Written by Tore Berger: F&B Consultant & Professional Butler founder of Berger Consulting 

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